Our Philosophy

Our dedication, knowledge, and expertise lead to optimal success in the treatment of our clients. Our approach is to create individualized treatment plans within meaningful contexts using motivating interventions and the most up to date evidence based practices to optimize the progress of our clients. We assure the highest quality of treatment, nurturing the whole client. We believe in a holistic approach, treating the whole person, not just the disorder. Client outcomes are best when a collaborative approach with other disciplines and caregivers is utilized. Best practice is used in delivering services sensitive to culturally and linguistically diverse populations to those in need across the lifespan.


➧ Individual Speech And Language Therapy
➧ Early Intervention Therapy
➧ Language Stimulation Groups
➧ Occupational Therapy
➧ Physical Therapy
➧ Group Language Therapy
➧ Feeding Therapy
➧ PROMPT Therapy


– Developmental Delays
– Autism /PDD
– Articulation And Phonology Disorders
– Feeding/Swallowing Disorders
– Stuttering
– Apraxia
– Auditory Processing Disorder
– Aphasia
– Voice Disorders
– Motor Disorders

We are a handicapped accessible facility & we take Medicare/Medicaid.

Our Services

Music & Movement Groups

This 45 minute “caregiver and me” group integrates physical, cognitive, social and emotional learning utilizing a whole-child approach to learning. Dynamic and lively activities expose your child to various sounds, music and hand play incorporating manipulatives, shakers, drums, balls, bells, instruments, bubbles and more. Exposure will include a combination of children’s classics and pop music. This specialized group is led by a NYS licensed speech / language pathologist and will assist with socialization, balance & coordination, expressing emotions and peer interaction.

Aphasia Groups

Aphasia group offers a supportive environment for individuals with aphasia to enhance their communication skills and rebuild confidence. The group incorporates a comprehensive approach to address language, cognition, socialization, and emotional well-being. Stimulating activities stimulate language production, comprehension, and word retrieval, utilizing conversation, games, and interactive exercises. Participants benefit from a combination of evidence-based therapy techniques and personalized strategies tailored to their unique needs. Join this empowering group to improve communication abilities, foster social connections, and regain independence in a welcoming and understanding setting.

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